Other Community Members
Safety is a shared responsibility. We ask that everyone do their part in helping our teens stay safe, especially during these exciting days and weeks ahead.  The safety of our youth is paramount and together we can make a difference.   

Ways you can help

Safety is a shared responsibility

So many times we hear that people would be willing to help if they knew what to do.  Here are a few ideas that could help make a difference:

1. Do not sell or provide alcohol to minors.  

2. Speak up.  Let teens know you support their smart choices and you are pledging to do your part to help everyone in the community stay safe.  

3. Share and encourage your family and friends to join this campaign.

4. Lead by example with safe diving choices.  No texting, drive only when well rested and sober, obey rules of the road and always wear a seatbelt.  We've heard it so many times ... "if it's ok for them to do it, why isn't it ok for me? " Your smart choices will go a long way ... and keep you safe too.